Mobile Applications

Mobiles have been taking over the way world is communicating. iLogCreations expertise in mobile application on most popular platforms.

Online Applications

An online application is a software that is accessed over Internet or within your local network. You can use it just as a desktop application but you don't have to install it on your computer. You can use it on any desktops, laptops and even on your mobiles and tabs. It gives you power of running your business from any corner of the world.

Web Design

The design of a website or an application is the first thing which leaves the first impact on the users. The design and usability is what incourages users to use you websites or applications. At iLogCreations our first preference has always been to deliver the best and unmatched design for a client's website, applications, graphics and a logo of a business website or applications.

Custom Software

A custom software is a software product built to suit your need. It will be built on you very specific requirements. A custom software deals with your specific business needs. It can be an application which runs on your desktop, laptop, on web browser as an online application, even a mobile application or a solution which works on all platforms.